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  • NR
  • 1995
  • 5.4  (408)

Imtihaan is a 1994 Bollywood drama film directed by Harry Baweja and starring Sunny Deol, Saif Ali Khan, and Raveena Tandon. The film follows the story of a dedicated and principled teacher, Raghavendra "Raghav" Singh (Sunny Deol), who takes up a job at a school in a small town. He meets a group of talented students who are struggling with tough realities of life, including discrimination, poverty, and societal pressures.

One of the students is Vicky (Saif Ali Khan), who is a rebellious and carefree young man who initially doesn't take his studies seriously. Raghav sees immense potential in Vicky and decides to mentor him. He not only helps Vicky improve his academic performance but also instills in him a sense of purpose and self-respect. Vicky gradually transforms and becomes a serious student, much to the delight of his mother and Raghav.

In the midst of this, Raghav crosses paths with Anita (Raveena Tandon), a young and ambitious journalist who is writing a series of articles about the education system and corruption in small towns. Anita is initially critical of Raghav's teaching methods, but is gradually won over by his sincerity and commitment to his students. A romance blossoms between Raghav and Anita, but is soon threatened by the arrival of Rahul (Sameer Khakhar), Anita's ex-boyfriend and a wealthy industrialist who tries to woo her back.

Apart from the romantic subplot, the film also deals with issues such as sexism, casteism, and corruption. Raghav and his students face many obstacles and challenges, including biased and apathetic officials, corrupt businessmen, and societal prejudices. They are forced to navigate a complex web of power dynamics and navigate their way through these challenges, often at great personal cost.

The performances in Imtihaan are uniformly excellent, with Sunny Deol delivering a finely nuanced portrayal of a teacher who is strict but caring, principled but human. Saif Ali Khan is a revelation as Vicky, bringing an infectious energy and charm to his role that is hard to resist. Raveena Tandon is also impressive as Anita, bringing intelligence, sensitivity, and vulnerability to her character.

The film is also notable for its superb music, featuring some memorable songs including "Chaahe Zubaan" and "Is Tarah Aashiqui Ka". The songs are beautifully picturized and add greatly to the film's emotional impact.

Overall, Imtihaan is a must-watch for anyone interested in Bollywood cinema. It is a powerful and uplifting story that showcases the resilience, courage, and spirit of ordinary people who are fighting against injustice and bigotry. The film's message is simple but profound - that education is a powerful tool for social change, and that it is the responsibility of every citizen to fight for a more equal and just society.

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