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"From her greatest enemy came her greatest love."
  • R
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • 5.7  (2,634)

In Transit, a 2008 thriller directed by Tom Roberts, follows the story of a woman named Ana (Vera Farmiga) who is on a flight from Berlin to New York when she suddenly awakens to find out that her passport and all of her belongings have disappeared. With no identification, she is detained upon arrival in the United States by Homeland Security agents who are suspicious of her intentions. Ana finds herself trapped in a labyrinthine system of bureaucracy, suspicion, and fear.

As Ana tries to piece together what happened to her and her belongings, she meets an eclectic group of people who are also stuck in the airport terminal. Among them is a smooth-talking wheelchair-bound man named Roy (John Malkovich) who appears to be either a con artist or a secret agent. Then there is the kind-hearted French immigrant Bronte (Karoline Herfurth), who is desperate to reunite with her young son who is waiting for her in the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious German man (Thomas Kretschmann) tries to smuggle a package into the country, causing even more chaos.

As the group tries to navigate the confusing customs and security protocols, tensions run high and trust becomes a scarce commodity. Ana forms an alliance with Bronte, and together they try to unravel the mystery around the German man's package. Along the way, Ana discovers the truth about her own identity and past, which puts her life in grave danger. The race is on to clear her name and expose the sinister forces at work in the airport.

In Transit is a suspenseful and engaging film that holds the audience's attention from beginning to end. The film is set almost entirely within the confines of the airport terminal, which gives it a claustrophobic feel that heightens the tension. The characters are all well fleshed-out and nuanced, with each one having their own motivations and secrets. Vera Farmiga gives a standout performance as Ana, a woman who is forced to confront her own past while fighting for her survival in a hostile environment.

The film touches on themes of immigration, identity, and paranoia, which have only become more relevant in the years since it was released. In Transit presents a scathing critique of the Kafkaesque bureaucracy and security apparatus that have become a hallmark of modern air travel. At the same time, it offers a glimmer of hope by showing how even people from vastly different backgrounds can come together and form a bond in times of crisis.

In conclusion, In Transit is a gripping thriller that is well worth watching for fans of the genre. The film's excellent cast, taut pacing, and intelligent script make it a standout in a crowded field of airplane-related movies. Whether you're a frequent flier or someone who only takes to the skies on rare occasions, In Transit will give you a new appreciation for the labyrinthine world of airport security.

In Transit
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    1 hr 53 min
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    5.7  (2,634)