Sometimes, events happen in life that make you question your current path. This exact moment struck Carly Willis when she was in the middle of a dance floor in Ibiza. The coast of Spain is known for its lavish parties and seafaring lifestyle. When she realizes that she loves this way of being, and that after she has to return to being a store clerk in Ohio, she makes a drastic decision. Sell everything but the clothes off her back and stay in Spain until she finds what she's looking for. When she meets an international DJ, everything changes again.

2008 | | 6.4/10
Nagarjuna Akkineni, Vishnu Manchu, Mamta Mohandas, Dev Gill
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Also starring Nagarjuna Akkineni

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Krishnarjuna Full Movie | Nagarjuna, Vishnu, Mamta Mohandas | P Vasu | M M Keeravani|2:02
KRISHNARJUNA | HD Movie Trailer | Nagarjuna | Vishnu | Mamta Mohandas|1:26