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Lemming is a 2005 psychological drama. Alan Getty is an engineer who accepts an assignment to move to the south of France, which he does with his wife Benedicte. After three months, his new boss and his wife Alice invite themselves to dinner at Alan's house. But they arrive late and cause a scene. Alice is rude to Benedicte and the arriving couple creates negativity by discussing their marital issues. Alain finds a rodent under the kitchen sink, which at first appears to be dead, but later revives. He takes it to a veterinarian, where the animal is discovered to be a lemming.

Alice, after unsuccessfully seducing Alan, commits suicide. The happy home life of Alan and Benedicte goes downhill from there.

Not Rated
| 2005 | | 6.7/10 | 65/100
Laurent Lucas, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, André Dussollier
Lemming (2005) is a psychological thriller film, directed by Dominik Moll and starring Andr Dussollier, Charlotte Rampling, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Laurent Lucas. Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Reception 3 References 4 External links
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Also directed by Dominik Moll