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"Danger has a new face"

Mask of Death is a drama film which was directed by David Mitchell. The two major characters in the film are Lorenzo Lamas and Billy Dee Williams. In addition, Rae Dawn Chong also stars in this motion picture. The film starts out with a well known and wanted criminal attempting to escape from the FBI's radar. The criminal in this movie is Frank Dallio. Mr. Dallio succeeds in doing away with Detective Mc Kenna's wife.

After the death of Detective Mc Kenna's wife; Mc Kenna himself ends up getting shot right in the face. Following the shooting Mc Kenna experiences total disfigurement of the face.

Mc Kenna gets shot by Lyle Mason who ends up losing his life altogether. Detective Mc Kenna is encouraged to undergo total facial reconstruction in order to repair significant facial damage which he suffered from the gun shot wound.

Detective Mc Kenna agrees to undergo facial plastic surgery. However, Mc Kenna must do his best to keep his new identity a secret. Mc kenna could find himself in great danger if his true identity is revealed.

Following the surgery Detective Mc Kenna attempts to take Mason's place in order to find and properly deal with the criminal Frank Dallio.

A well constructed plan of action is initiated by Detective MC Kenna in an attempt to get revenge on the mobster that killed his beloved wife.

In addition to properly dealing with Frank Dallio, Detective Mc Kenna is also attempting to recover a valuable microchip which contains confidential information.

The film is full of suspense and drama. Mask of Death was released in the spring of 1996. The film runs a total of 89 minutes. Due to some graphic content and language the film carries an R rating.

Mask of Death is available on DVD. The DVD may be ordered on line or purchased at a retail store.

| 1996 | 1 hr 29 min | 4.3/10
Lorenzo Lamas, Rae Dawn Chong, Billy Dee Williams, Conrad Dunn
David Mitchell
Mask of Death

Also directed by David Mitchell

Also starring Rae Dawn Chong

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