Moving Violations

"A crash course in traffic school."
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Traffic school has never been so much fun! In this rip roaring comedy, Judge Henderson is fed up with folks not taking the responsibility of driving seriously in Birch Country, California and has assigned the latest batch of mobile miscreants and foul-ups to traffic school under the tutelage of Deputy Hank Halik. Things seem abnormally hard on the students however and soon they discover a plot to deliberately make them fail so that the judge and Deputy Halik can auction off their impounded vehicles and pocket the cash, a scheme they have been doing for some time. This time however it will be the students who teach the judge and the deputy a few lessons, ones that they won’t soon forget.

| 1985 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.8/10 | 24/100
John Murray, Jennifer Tilly, James Keach, Brian Backer
SLM Production Group
Neal Israel
Produced By
Joe Roth, Harry J. Ufland
Moving Violations
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