National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion

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  • PG-13
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 3.4  (1,006)

National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion is a heartwarming comedy film that follows the adventure of the awkward and unconventional family of the Krankowskis during the holidays. Filmed in 2003, the movie stars several Hollywood celebrities, including Bryan Cranston, Judge Reinhold, Penelope Ann Miller, Hallie Todd, and a host of others. The plot of National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion is centered around Norman Krunkowski (Judge Reinhold), a middle-aged taxi driver and father of three adult children. The film begins with Norman receiving a surprise visit from his eccentric Aunt Batty (Miriam Flynn), who informs him that she has just inherited a massive fortune from a distant relative. She uses this opportunity to inform Norman that it has been over twenty years since the last time the Krunkowski family celebrated the holidays together.

Inspired and motivated by Aunt Batty's arrival, Norman decides to organize a family reunion to make up for lost time. However, as he sets the plan in motion, he realizes that it will be a bit difficult to convince his family members, who are all leading different lives to gather for the holidays.

Norman's first activity is to extend invitations to his children - Audrey (Penelope Ann Miller), the eldest and a successful businesswoman, Buddy (Bryan Cranston), the black sheep of the family who has been in hiding for years after being a wanted criminal, and Miriam (Hallie Todd), the youngest and most optimistic member of the family. However, Norman's plans are met with resistance from his children, who all have busy lives of their own and would rather not attend the reunion.

Despite his family's initial objections to his plan, Norman remains undeterred and does everything in his power to make the reunion happen. With the help of his Aunt Batty, Norman sets out to reconnect with his estranged family members and make up for the time that they have lost.

As the reunion draws nearer, the Krunkowski family members begin to make their way to Norman's house. Each member of the family brings their own unique set of issues and quirks, which only adds to the hilarity of the movie. Audrey is stressed out over running her own company and is dealing with her own personal issues, while Buddy is struggling with his past actions as a criminal and his attempt to move beyond it.

With many twists and turns, the film portrays the struggles and successes of this unconventional family as they attempt to come together and celebrate the holidays.

One thing that stands out in the movie is the comedy. It is full of moments that will make viewers laugh out loud. The well-crafted humor is a testament to the skill of the cast and director Nick Marck in delivering an entertaining and engaging film.

Moreover, the cast shines in their respective roles, bringing their characters to life and making them feel authentic. Judge Reinhold's portrayal of Norman is believable and captures the character's desire to reconnect with his family. Bryan Cranston, on the other hand, brings his A-game to the role of Buddy Krunkowski, portraying a character who is both hilarious and heartfelt.

Finally, the film is notable for its emotional depth, which provides a counterpoint to the humor. The movie's portrayal of family dynamics and the struggles of its characters gives viewers a glimpse into the complexity of human relationships. It is a touching portrayal of the importance of family and how, despite our imperfections, we can always come together during the holidays.

In conclusion, National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion is a charming and uplifting movie that provides an excellent addition to the holiday film canon. Featuring a talented cast and a well-crafted script, it is a movie that will make viewers laugh, cry, and smile from beginning to end. Anyone looking for a fun and heartfelt holiday movie should not miss this one.

National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion
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  • Runtime
    1 hr 31 min
  • IMDB Rating
    3.4  (1,006)