My B.F.F.

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Inspired by true events and shot on location in New Orleans, LA. GEMMA BROWN and MARNI WILKINS and their families have been best friends since they were babies. At five, when Marni lost her mother, she was left with an unfulfilled soul. It was a devastating loss, but thankfully her best friend, Gemma and her family were always by her side. Now ten years later, Marni has the opportunity to find that lost connection with her mother when she learns that her mother's favorite poet, SAMANTHA BANKS will be teaching at a distinguished magnet school for the arts in their area. The two friends are both excited to apply. Gemma gets accepted, however they soon learn that Marni's father has neglectfully missed the registration deadline. Realizing that her dreams of getting to know her mother may disappear, Gemma convinces Marni to do something drastic. Things don't go as quite planned, but the two girls learn a valuable lesson about race, identity, politics, friendship and growing up in this poignant, yet tender, 'coming of age' story.

2016 | | 8.7/10 | 0/100
C. Thomas Howell, Golden Brooks, K.D. Aubert, Malik Yoba
Greg Carter
My B.F.F.
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Also starring Golden Brooks