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  • 1971
  • 2 hr 18 min
  •   (21)

Naag Panchami is a classic Indian movie from 1972 that tells the story of a young woman named Shyama who is blessed with the power to communicate with snakes. Shyama, played by Jayshree Gadkar, lives in a small village in India with her mother and younger brother. She discovers her unique ability to communicate with snakes when she saves a snake from being killed by a group of villagers. The snake, in return, blesses her with its special powers.

Shyama's life takes a drastic turn when she is forced to leave her village and marries a wealthy man named Ramesh, played by Prithviraj Kapoor. Ramesh is very suspicious of her supernatural powers and forbids her from communicating with snakes. Shyama tries to hide her powers from her husband but eventually, he finds out and tries to get rid of her. However, her powers help her escape and she returns to her village.

Once back in her village, Shyama discovers that a group of villagers are planning to kill all the snakes in the village during the upcoming festival of Naag Panchami. She tries to stop them but is unsuccessful. The snakes, feeling betrayed and angry, decide to seek revenge on the villagers. Shyama is the only one who can stop them and save her village from destruction.

Throughout the movie, Shyama faces many challenges and obstacles as she tries to navigate her new life with her husband and continue to protect the snakes of her village. Along the way, she meets a man named Madan, played by Shree Bhagwan, who tries to help her in her quest.

The film is a classic example of the Indian film industry's ability to seamlessly blend mythology and traditional Indian beliefs with contemporary social issues. The movie's plot is centered on the Naag Panchami festival, which is a popular Hindu festival celebrated across India. Naag Panchami celebrates the worship of snakes and their importance in Hindu mythology. The movie highlights the significance of snakes in Hindu mythology by presenting them as powerful beings capable of destruction and wisdom.

The movie's soundtrack features a mix of traditional Indian music and contemporary music from the 70s. The movie's music composer, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, is a legendary figure in the Indian music industry and has been credited with creating some of the most iconic music in Indian cinema.

Jayshree Gadkar delivers a powerful performance as Shyama, portraying her as a fierce, determined woman who is not afraid to speak up against injustice. Prithviraj Kapoor, a legendary actor known for his dramatic performances, is equally impressive as Ramesh, playing the character of a man who is consumed by his greed and jealousy.

Overall, Naag Panchami is a classic Indian movie that showcases the best of Indian cinema from the 70s. The movie's strong plot, powerful performances, and memorable soundtrack make it a must-watch for fans of Indian cinema.

Naag Panchami is a 1971 action movie with a runtime of 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Naag Panchami
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