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  • NR
  • 2003
  • 6.6  (1,903)

Nijam is a 2003 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by Teja, starring Mahesh Babu in the lead role alongside Gopichand and Rakshitha. The film focuses on the life of a young man, Seetha Rama Raju (Mahesh Babu), who takes up arms against corrupt politicians and their cronies to fight for justice. The story begins with Seetha Rama Raju, a happy-go-lucky guy who lives a carefree life with his mother and sister. His father, who was a lawyer, died when Seetha was young, leaving them in a financially difficult position. Despite the hardships, Seetha Rama Raju remains optimistic and tries to make the most out of every situation.

One day, Seetha Rama Raju witnesses a corrupt politician, Raja Shekaram (Prakash Raj), and his goons brutally beat up an innocent man. He tries to intervene and stop them, but he is beaten up and left for dead. This incident changes Seetha Rama Raju's life forever, and he decides to take up arms against the corrupt politicians.

Seetha Rama Raju's first target is Raja Shekaram, whom he intends to teach a lesson. However, he realizes that he cannot do it alone, and he seeks help from a ruthless gangster, Raghupati (Gopichand). Raghupati agrees to help Seetha Rama Raju in his fight against corruption, and they embark on a journey to bring justice to the people who have been wronged.

As Seetha Rama Raju and Raghupati start their fight against corruption, they face numerous challenges and obstacles. Raja Shekaram, who is now aware of their intentions, plots to eliminate them. However, Seetha Rama Raju and Raghupati are determined to fight against all odds and ensure that justice prevails.

Along the way, Seetha Rama Raju falls in love with Shruti (Rakshitha), who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Despite their different backgrounds, Seetha Rama Raju and Shruti fall in love and decide to get married. However, their happiness is short-lived, as Raja Shekaram and his goons kidnap Shruti. The rest of the film follows Seetha Rama Raju and Raghupati as they try to rescue Shruti and put an end to Raja Shekaram's reign of terror.

Nijam is a film that explores the themes of corruption, justice, and love. It is a high-impact and intense drama that keeps the viewers engaged from start to finish. Mahesh Babu's performance as Seetha Rama Raju is impressive, and he delivers an intense and charismatic performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Gopichand also delivers an exceptional performance as the ruthless gangster, Raghupati. The chemistry between Mahesh Babu and Gopichand is palpable, and they complement each other's performances beautifully. Rakshitha, who plays the female lead, adds a touch of glamour and romance to the film.

The film's music, composed by R. P. Patnaik, is another highlight of the film. The songs are melodious and soulful, and they add to the emotional depth of the film.

In conclusion, Nijam is a must-watch film for anyone who enjoys action dramas. The film offers an engaging storyline, powerful performances, and a powerful message about the importance of standing up against corruption. It is a film that will leave the viewers with a sense of satisfaction and empowerment.

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