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  • NR
  • 2012
  • 157 hr
  • 4.0  (417)

Nippu is an action-comedy film directed by Gunasekhar and starring Ravi Teja, Deeksha Seth, and Rajendra Prasad. The film follows the life of Surya, a young man who is passionate about firefighting. Surya's family is in financial trouble due to the debts incurred by his father, who has passed away. As a result, Surya is forced to take up odd jobs to support his family.

One day, Surya meets a girl named Sruthi, who works in the same office as him. They become friends, but Surya's life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers that his sister has been kidnapped by a local goon. Surya takes matters into his own hands and sets out to rescue his sister.

As Surya embarks on his mission, he encounters a host of challenges, including the dangerous underworld of crime, corrupt politicians, and rival gangs. With the help of his friends and a few well-wishers, Surya successfully rescues his sister and brings the criminals to justice.

Throughout the film, Nippu seamlessly blends moments of action, comedy, and romance, making it an entertaining watch for audiences of all ages.

The film's lead actor Ravi Teja gives a powerful performance as Surya, capturing the character's determination, courage, and wit. Deeksha Seth also shines as Sruthi, bringing her own brand of humor to the film. Rajendra Prasad delivers a solid performance as Surya's mentor, while Brahmanandam provides comic relief as the film's resident clown.

Direction and Cinematography:
Director Gunasekhar does a commendable job of balancing the different elements of the film, ensuring that each segment is engaging and entertaining. The film's cinematography is also noteworthy, with stunning visuals capturing everything from the fiery explosions during the action scenes to the beautiful landscapes during the romantic moments.

The film's soundtrack, composed by S. Thaman, is a mix of peppy dance numbers and soulful melodies. The songs are well-placed in the film and add to its overall entertainment value.

Overall, Nippu is a fun, action-packed film that has something for everyone. It showcases Ravi Teja in his element and reminds us why he is one of the most beloved actors in Telugu cinema.

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    157 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    4.0  (417)