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"It was the end of the world... And the beginning of hope."
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  • 1999
  • 2 hr 58 min
  • 3.7  (2,121)

Noah's Ark is a made-for-television movie from 1999, directed by John Irvin and starring Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen, and F. Murray Abraham. The film tells the biblical story of Noah and the great flood. As one of the most well-known stories in the Bible, the filmmakers had to find a way to make the story fresh and interesting for modern audiences, while still staying true to the original text.

The movie opens with scenes of life in the antediluvian world, with Noah (Jon Voight) shown as a devoted family man, tending to his farm and caring for his wife and children. But when God comes to him with the message that the world must be destroyed by flood, Noah is called upon to build an ark to save his family and two of every kind of animal.

Noah begins to work on the ark, but he faces opposition from his community. Many of them do not believe in God's message or the coming flood, and they ridicule Noah for his beliefs. But despite this, Noah continues his work, trying to complete the ark before the flood comes.

As the flood approaches, Noah and his family are able to board the ark with the animals. They must endure the torrential rains and rough seas, living in cramped quarters and dealing with the noise and smells of so many animals. But as their journey drags on, tensions begin to rise. Noah's wife (Mary Steenburgen) and sons question their father's sanity and the wisdom of his mission, and a power struggle begins to emerge.

Meanwhile, on the outside world, the people who had mocked and ridiculed Noah are now desperate to be saved. They cling to whatever they can find in the hope of being saved, but it is too late.

The film's special effects are impressive for a made-for-television movie. The scenes depicting the flood are particularly well done, with extensive use of computer-generated imagery to create the massive waves and rising water levels. The creatures on board the ark also look believable, made up of a combination of real animals, animatronics, and CGI.

The acting in the film is solid, with Jon Voight giving a strong performance as Noah. He portrays a man who is driven by his unwavering faith, but who also struggles with doubt and fear. His wife, played by Mary Steenburgen, is a sympathetic character who provides a voice of reason and compassion. F. Murray Abraham plays Lot, the leader of the people who mock Noah, and brings a sense of arrogance and desperation to the role.

Overall, Noah's Ark is a faithful adaptation of a biblical story. While the movie takes some liberties with the source material (such as the inclusion of a subplot involving Lot), it stays true to the themes of faith, redemption, and the consequences of sin. The movie also raises questions about moral responsibility and the value of human life. It is a well-made film that is suitable for families and anyone interested in religious stories.

Noah's Ark
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