Papadopoulos & Sons

"Success is the joy you feel! Only when you lose everything, do you find it all."
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This small independent film directed by Marcus Markou was released in some markets in late December, 2012. It stunned film industry analysts by grossing far higher amounts than expected for an indie production during its first week, playing in only a limited number of cinemas. After a financial crisis wipes out the earnings of an ambitious, successful young entrepreneur named Harry Papadopoulis (played by Stephen Dillane), he demonstrates that mental outlook can made a big difference in possible outcomes by repairing his relationship with his brother, James (played by Frank Dillane). The ambitious siblings begin a new commercial venture together.

Not Rated
| 2013 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.0/10
Carl Rice, Stephen Dillane, Selina Cadell, Frank Dillane
Marcus Markou
Produced By
Sara Butler, Andrew Markou
Papadopoulos & Sons
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Also starring Stephen Dillane