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Popcorn is a teen comedy British 2007 film. It was directed and written by Darren Fisher. The movie stars Jack Ryder, Kate Maberly, and Jodi Albert. In 2005, it was filmed at Odeon Greenwich in London. The movie begins with Danny (Jack Ryder) who gets a job working at a movie house because the girl of his dreams works there and he is too insecure to speak to her. However, when he begins working he soon discovers that she is leaving the job. After he attempts to woo her and fails, he tries to get the help of a man who has lost his sense of reality and cannot discern between the real world and movies.

The film uses comic strips and manga-style artwork from a resident of the United Kingdom, Sonia Leong of Sweatdrop Studios. The artwork is used during the plot of the movie and in a character's room in posters.

2007 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.5/10
Jack Ryder, Jodi Albert, Andrew Lee Potts, Luke de Woolfson
Darren Paul Fisher
Produced By
Daniel M. San,Rebecca Knapp
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