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  • 2002
  • 1 hr 46 min
  • 6.5  (872)

Revengers Tragedy is a 2002 film directed by Alex Cox that tells a story of revenge set in a dystopian world where morals and ethics have been abandoned for hedonism and depravity. The movie stars Christopher Eccleston as Vindice, a bitter man out for revenge against the Duke (played by Michael Ryan) who raped his fiancee and killed his family. The story unfolds in a dark and twisted world where nothing is as it seems and tensions run high at all times.

The film is set in a futuristic England, with the country ruled by a corrupt and sadistic Duke. Vindice, once a respectable man, is now a street thug, gambling and drinking his life away seeking vengeance against the Duke. He is consumed by hatred and wants nothing more than to see the Duke suffer like he has suffered. Vindice disguises himself as a revenge-seeking woman named Castiza and ingratiates himself into the Duke's estate. There he seeks help from Lussurioso, the Duke's eldest son, who is infatuated with Castiza. But Vindice is not alone in his quest for revenge, as the Duke's court is a hotbed of intrigue, with everyone out for themselves.

Revengers Tragedy is a chaotic film, with a dizzying and disorienting visual style that matches the frenzied energy of its characters. The film often uses black and white footage, frenetic editing, and extreme close-ups to create a sense of unease and tension. The movie also features a punk rock soundtrack and a cast of characters who are all bent on each other's demise. The movie has its quirks and its moments of humor, but it's ultimately a dark and pessimistic portrayal of human nature.

The performances in Revengers Tragedy are all excellent, but the standout is Christopher Eccleston as Vindice. Eccleston plays the anti-hero with relish, capturing the character's bitterness and rage without losing his humanity. Michael Ryan is also excellent as the Duke, playing the character with an oily charm that masks his true nature. The supporting cast is also strong, with Kevin Knapman giving a standout performance as Lussurioso.

One of the strengths of Revengers Tragedy is its use of Shakespearean themes and conventions. The movie is loosely based on The Revenger's Tragedy, a play from the Jacobean era that was likely written by Thomas Middleton. The film uses the play as a launching pad, but it also subverts and plays with the conventions of the genre. The movie is Shakespearean in its themes of revenge, murder, and betrayal, but it is also an updated and anarchic take on the genre.

In conclusion, Revengers Tragedy is a dark and twisted movie that will only appeal to a certain type of viewer. The film is chaotic, nihilistic, and visually stunning. It features great performances, especially from Christopher Eccleston, and is a unique take on the revenge genre. The movie is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy punk rock, Shakespeare, and dystopian fever dreams, it will be a captivating and unforgettable experience.

Revengers Tragedy
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    6.5  (872)