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This clever fantasy film is played out in whole by marionettes. Strings is a story about a son’s quest to avenge his assassinated father. The strings are metaphorical in nature, and represent powerful life forces to the marionettes. When a string is cut, the character loses the ability to use that particular part. Higher authorities use prisoners as donors for new body parts when a string is cut.

No one knows who controls the strings. The film has wide shots of the countryside and life lines stretch up as far as the sky. Strings has won multiple awards.

| 2004 | | 7.0/10
James McAvoy, Catherine McCormack, Julian Glover, Derek Jacobi
Strings is a mythic fantasy film about the son of the slain ruler who sets out to avenge his father, but finds out things that forces him to see the conflict between two peoples differently from what he has learned. The film is made with marionettes, (Ma
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Also starring Catherine McCormack