The Land Girls

"The story of three young women and the events that would change their lives... The friendships that would stay with them forever... and the loves that would change their hearts."
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The film, the Land Girls is about the group called the British Women's Land Army, and their nickname was the "land girls." During World War II, there was many farms that was getting women to work there. Many men had left to fight in the war, the farms didn't have enough staff members to do the far, jobs. This is the main reason that they started to recruit women to work on the farm. The movie follows the case of one particular farm during this time.

In the film, three young ladies arrive at a farm in the Dorset countryside, and they are ready to work on the farm. The Dorest farm is in the middle of nowhere. The character Stella (played by Catherine McCormack) ends up marrying a guy named Philip (played by Paul Bettany). Philip is a captin in the military. The Cambridge graduate Ag (played by Rachel Weisz) can be described as quirky. Prune (playedby Anna Friel) likes to flirt with people in the movie; she is clearly a smart lady.

Prune is able to hide her innocence all the way through the film because she is such a smart lady. The owners of the farm are the Lawrences (played by Tom Georgeson and Maureen O'Brien). Their son, Joe (played by Steven Mackintosh) is a handsome man. Joe decides to get sexually involved with all three women. Joe would love to leave the farm for his dream job of being a fighter pilot. Since Joe has health issues, it is unlikely that he will ever get the opportunity to be a fighter pilot. World War II did not bring easy situations for anyone involved as you can see in the film!

The director of the adaptation film, the Land Girls, is David Leland. The movie is based on the book from Angela Huth.

| 1997 | 1 hr 51 min | 6.3/10
Catherine McCormack, Rachel Weisz, Anna Friel, Steven Mackintosh
David Leland
The Land Girls
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Also starring Catherine McCormack