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"Charming. Magnetic. Murderous."

The Last King of Scotland is a 2006 drama film directed by Kevin MacDonald. After going through medical school in 1970, Nicholas Garrigan played by James McAvoy, celebrates Graduation with his classmates in Scotland. He then starts contemplating on what he wants to do with his skills. Wanting some adventure, he twirls a globe in his room and stops it with his finger. It lands on Uganda and decides that’s where he is going to make his skills useful.

Nicholas begins working at a missionary clinic operated by Dr. David Merrit, played by Adam Kotz and his wife Sarah, played by Gillian Anderson. They are thrilled to have him since Dr. Merrit has been the only available doctor there.

Sarah decides to bring Nicholas to a gathering where Idi Amin, played by Forest Whitaker is speaking. Nicholas gets very excited about what he stands for, and then starts back to the clinic. They are stopped by men with guns, saying the President, is in need of a doctor.

When they arrive at the scene, there is a cow in the road that has been mortally injured and screaming in pain. Nichols runs over to Idi Amin to assist him, who seemed to have sprained his hand. Unable to do his job with the cow making so much noise, and no one taking care of it, he grabs Ida Amin’s gun and puts the cow down. Shocked by his actions, the men around him immediately raise their guns, and Ida Amin looks at him with surprise and admiration.

After the cow incident, Ida Amin invites Nicholas to work for him as his personal doctor. At first he said no, but then gets caught up in all the excitement and growing friendship. As time goes on he finds out his new friend isn’t all he led him to believe and gets caught up in a very dangerous life.

| 2006 | 2 hr 3 min | 7.7/10 | 74/100
Forest Whitaker, James McAvoy, Kerry Washington, Gillian Anderson
DNA Films, Film 4
Kevin Macdonald

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