Second Sight: A Love Story

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  • 1984
  • 2 hr
  • 6.1  (146)

Second Sight: A Love Story is a captivating romantic comedy-drama film released in 1984. It showcases the compelling love story between two individuals who are the subject of an out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon. Directed by John Korty, this film stars Elizabeth Montgomery, Barry Newman, and Nicholas Pryor. The plot revolves around Lucky (Elizabeth Montgomery), a woman who was born with a special ability - she can predict the future. Her visions were often accurate and useful, but at times, they made her feel isolated from others. Her life takes a turn when she meets a charming and witty journalist, Alex (Barry Newman). Despite her best efforts to keep her ability secret, Alex soon discovers that Lucky can see the events of the future.

As she reveals her powers to Alex, their relationship deepens and takes a romantic turn, but things become complicated when Lucky foresees an unsettling event that Alex may cause. The unfolding events test their relationship as Alex struggles to prevent the event while Lucky tries to convince Alex not to take a particular course of action.

The film's excellent direction keeps the storyline engaging while balancing the romantic elements with the supernatural ones. Elizabeth Montgomery's performance as Lucky is commendable, as she portrays a woman who has known aloneness and has grown accustomed to it. Her vulnerability and sensitivity regarding her ability are apparent throughout the film. Barry Newman plays the role of a charming journalist with perfect ease, and his chemistry with Montgomery creates a natural on-screen romance.

Nicholas Pryor's role as Alex's editor is also noteworthy, as he embodies a character who is supportive of Alex's career and is generally a likeable and humorous character. The film explores what Love is in exceptional detail, and it provides a profound insight into the human condition.

The thrilling music score of the film acts as its backbone, giving the audience an immersive experience. The cinematography is outstanding, and the film's settings create an aesthetically pleasing visual experience. The movie uses a mix of fast and slow-paced shots to create a balance.

The screenplay doesn't offer anything extraordinary, but the film's performances elevate it to a must-watch status. It explores complex themes in a simplistic manner while maintaining an appropriate balance of humor and drama.

It is impressive how the film successfully draws the audience into Lucky's world of clairvoyance. Her premonitions touch not only her life but also the lives of those around her. It's exciting to see how her visions become a valuable asset in Alex's career while also affecting the course of their blossoming relationship.

The film deals with self-acceptance and understanding through Lucky's journey of coming to terms with her gift. The movie subtly portrays how Lucky's acceptance of her superhuman ability was at the forefront of the blossoming romance. This subtle message of self-acceptance provides a deeper perspective on the intricacies of Love.

In conclusion, Second Sight: A Love Story is an intriguing romantic film that portrays an engrossing storyline with finesse. The film's strong performances, a fascinating concept, excellent direction, and engaging screenplay make it a must-watch for anyone who loves romantic comedies or dramas. The story offers a unique perspective of love, self-acceptance and understanding, and the idea of clinging to love despite the odds.

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    6.1  (146)