See the Sea

"When stranger knocks..."
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See the sea is a 1997 Thriller and Drama film. The movie is directed by Francois Ozon. The film has 6.9 out of 10 stars and 100% in rotten tomatoes. The film's running time is 72 minutes long. The movie stars Marina de Van, Sasha Hails, and finally Paul Raoux. Now the film's main plot is about a girl named Sasha who lives with her new baby girl on the cottage beach living happily and in peace. Then one night a woman named Tatiana knocks on Sasha's door saying that if she an stay with them since their is no room on the beach. So find out what happens in See the Sea.

| 1997 | 52 min | 6.8/10
Sasha Hails, Marina de Van, Samantha, Paul Raoux
François Ozon
Produced By
Nicolas Brevière, Olivier Delbosc
See the Sea
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