Shadows of Desire

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Jude and Sonny live in a small Utah town under the watchful eye of their domineering mother. The arrival of the beautiful Rowena sparks a wedge being thrown between the two. Jude is loving and sensitive and Sonny is wild and unpredictable, with Rowena unable to make up her mind between the love she has for Jude and the attraction she feels towards Sonny. The friction between Jude and Sonny over their feelings for Rowena begins to affect their family and leads to violence between the pair.

1994 | | 5.6/10
Nicollette Sheridan, Joe Lando, Adrian Pasdar, Richard Roundtree
Shadows of Desire is a 1994 television film starring Nicollette Sheridan, Joe Lando, Adrian Pasdar, Richard Roundtree, Piper Laurie and Brandon Smith. It was directed by Sam Pillsbury and written by Joyce Eliason. [edit] External links Shadows of Desir
Shadows of Desire
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