Silver Strand

"The U.S. Navy selects from its ranks a small group of persons to send through unadulterated hell."

Silver Strand is a dramatic action movie with a romantic twist. It is the story of a group of men who want to become Navy SEALs. Navy SEALs are the elite forces of the U. S. Navy. These men receive the toughest training the Navy can provide. It is a daily workout to test them physically and mentally and break them. These men also have personal lives. One man in training has fallen in love with the wife of the commander. He must deal with this issue as the trainers try to wash his entire class out of training or make them part of the SEALs.

This movie focuses on one class of Navy men in training for the elite SEAL squads. One man has fallen for the commander's wife.

| 1995 | 1 hr 45 min | 4.9/10
Nicollette Sheridan, Gil Bellows, Jennifer O'Neill, Jay O. Sanders
George Miller
Silver Strand
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Silver Strand 1995|2:38