"On a summer weekend in 1963, four girlfriends made memories that would last a lifetime."
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Shag is a teen romantic comedy that was written by Lanier Laney, Terry Sweeney and Robin Swicord. Directed by Zelda Barron, the movie features Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish, Phoebe Cates, Page Hannah, Scott Coffey and Jeff Yagher. Phoebe Cates plays beautiful socialite Carson McBride, who is engaged to a tobacco executive's son Harley Ralston, (played by Tyrone Power, Jr.). Bridget Fonda plays a loose preacher's daughter, Melaina Buller.

Annabeth Gish play Caroline "Pudge" Carmichael, a formerly overweight girl, Page Hannah plays Luanne Clatterbuck, the stuffy daughter of a senator. Robert Rusler plays Buzz Ravenel, a townie, and Scott Coffey plays great dancer Chip Guillyard. Carrie Hamilton plays a jealous white trash townie, Nadine, and Leilani Sarelle plays Suette.

The story follows the four girls in Spartanburg, S.C. in 1963. They plot and manage to get away from their homes for a forbidden weekend at Myrtle Beach. They want to have one last fling together before Carson marries. They plan to participate in a number of fun-loving and risky activities. At the spring festival, they will enter the dance (shag) contest, drink beer, meet a lot of boys and carry on in ways they were never able to at home with parents.

In Myrtle Beach, the gang finds a festive road-show atmosphere. The shag contest will be judged by daft teen idol Jimmy Valentine. Melaina immediately decides to use her charms to get him. Pudge meets a guy named Chip who is about to enter the Marine Corps in just a few days. They develop a crush on each other, and Pudge discovers that she is not as fat as she had thought after all.

During their weekend getaway, the four girls all find romance, party like there is no tomorrow and weigh in on some important and very serious life-changing decisions. They say their last goodbyes to the days of their innocent girlhoods, to enter into their lives as women.

| 1988 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.4/10 | 56/100
Phoebe Cates, Scott Coffey, Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish
Zelda Barron
Produced By
Julia Chasman, Stephen Woolley
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