Shanghai Grand

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This stunning motion picture set in World War II China, tells a tale of love, corruption, and greed. Hsu Wen-Chiang is a Taiwanese fighter who wakes up face down in the sand, on a beach near Shanghai, China. Hsu is miraculously found by a little beggar who goes by the name of Ting Lik. Ting Lik is currently in love with a beautiful young lady named, Feng Ching-Ching, who is the daughter of a dangerous gangster. Over time Ting Link rises the ranks and eventually becomes a very powerful gangster himself. However, is not too pleased when he finds out that Hsu and Feng have been sharing an inexplicable bond with one another.

Not Rated
| 1996 | | 6.6/10
Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung, Jing Ning, Woo-sung Jung
Poon Man-Kit
Produced By
Tsui Hark
Shanghai Grand
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