Somewhere in the Night

"Somewhere in his mind!"

Two strangers meet in a net of intrigue. A symphony of strong characters lead you through the twisting mystery where more than one person finds their way. George, a World-War II veteran with no recollection of his life before the war, returns to L.A. with a new look and only one clue to his identity. In his journey to rediscover himself he blunders into a caper full of murder and Nazi laundered millions. Along the way he meets Christy, the song bird vixen who may just help him find what he's looking for.

| 1946 | 1 hr 50 min | 7.2/10
John Hodiak, Nancy Guild, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte
Twentieth Century Fox
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Somewhere in the Night
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Somewhere in the Night (1946) Trailer|1:50
Somewhere in the Night (1946) Trailer|1:50