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  • 1950
  • 1 hr 25 min
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The Affairs of Sally is a 1950 romantic comedy film directed by Rudolph Maté and starring Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, and Carl Benton Reid. The film tells the story of Sally Middleton (Lucille Ball), a plain-looking department store clerk from New York City who unexpectedly finds herself at the center of a love triangle involving two very different men.

The movie opens with Sally on her way to Bermuda to spend her vacation with her sister, while feeling depressed about her rather dull life. During her voyage, Sally meets a charming and handsome older man named Harrison (Benton Reid) who offers her a job at his art gallery in New York. Sally is delighted and quickly accepts the offer, hoping that this might be the chance to finally shake up her boring life and start anew.

Back in New York, Sally struggles to fit in with the wealthy and sophisticated art crowd, but she manages to catch the eye of a young, dashing writer named Larry (Eddie Albert). Attracted to Sally's natural beauty and innocence, Larry begins to pursue her, and the two quickly fall in love. However, Sally is still unsure about her feelings towards Larry and her growing attraction to her boss, Harrison.

As Sally tries to navigate her new life and decide between the two men, she finds herself in a series of awkward and hilarious situations. From getting drunk and singing in a jazz bar to attending a fancy dinner party with her boss, Sally's adventures in the city are full of laughter and romantic confusion.

As her relationship with Larry deepens, Sally becomes torn between her love for him and her loyalty to Harrison, who has become something like a father figure to her. Meanwhile, Larry becomes increasingly frustrated by Sally's indecision and her unwillingness to commit to him fully.

The Affairs of Sally is a delightful movie that showcases Lucille Ball's talents as a comedic actress. Her portrayal of Sally is both charming and relatable, and she brings a sense of honesty and vulnerability to a character that could easily have been one-dimensional.

Eddie Albert is also excellent as Larry, bringing a sense of charisma and charm to the role of the dashing writer. Carl Benton Reid is convincing as the suave and sophisticated Harrison, and his interactions with Sally provide some of the film's most memorable moments.

The film's script is both witty and insightful, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and personal growth. It is a charming and lighthearted movie that will leave you with a warm feeling inside and a smile on your face.

In conclusion, The Affairs of Sally is a must-watch movie for fans of classic romantic comedies. The film's endearing characters, witty dialogue, and delightful sense of humor make it an enjoyable and memorable viewing experience.

The Affairs of Sally
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