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"Adventure in Brazil!"
  • NR
  • 1955
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 5.6  (619)

The Americano is a classic western movie from 1955 starring Glenn Ford, Frank Lovejoy, and Cesar Romero. Directed by William Castle and written by Robert L. Richards, the movie follows the story of Sam Dent (Glenn Ford), an American who travels to a small Mexican town looking for his missing girlfriend, Lisa (Abbe Lane). Sam's journey starts when he rides into the town of San Felipe and witnesses a brawl. The brawl is between the townspeople and the corrupt sheriff, Roy Higgins (Frank Lovejoy). Sam quickly realizes that the town is under the control of a small group of wealthy American businessmen who exploit the locals for their own gains.

As Sam starts his search for Lisa, he discovers that she has been kidnapped by the local businessman, Thomas Herrera (Cesar Romero). Herrera has his sights set on acquiring the water rights to the town, and he believes that Lisa's father can help him achieve his goal.

Determined to rescue Lisa, Sam teams up with a local rebel leader, Juan Garcia (Ursula Thiess), and they begin to plan their attack on Herrera's hacienda. Along the way, Sam and Juan fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by Juan's loyalty to the revolution and Sam's commitment to rescuing Lisa.

As the plot unfolds, Sam and Juan launch a daring rescue mission, and tensions between the Americans and the locals continue to rise. The movie builds to a dramatic and explosive climax, as Sam battles the corrupt sheriff and Herrera in a final showdown to save the town and his loved ones.

One of the most notable aspects of The Americano is its stunning location shots. The movie was filmed on location in Mexico, which adds an authenticity to the setting and action. The vibrant and colorful Mexican landscape is captured beautifully by cinematographer Carl E. Guthrie, who makes the most of the vibrant colors and textures of the Mexican countryside.

Another standout feature of the movie is the strong performances from the cast. Glenn Ford delivers a charismatic performance as Sam, bringing both intensity and charm to the role. Frank Lovejoy is also impressive as the corrupt sheriff, portraying a man who is both menacing and pitiful. Finally, Cesar Romero delivers a great turn as the main antagonist, portraying Herrera as both charming and ruthless.

Overall, The Americano is a classic western movie that captures the essence of the genre. The movie has all the elements of a great western, including action, romance, and drama, and the strong performances from the cast make it worth watching. If you're a fan of classic westerns or just looking for an entertaining movie to watch, The Americano is well worth checking out.

The Americano
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