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The Darkest Hour is a science fiction/ thriller movie that came out in 2011. This movie shows an invasion from aliens. Aliens are shown to be the bad guys of the movie, and the alien species are portrayed to be super human like, and very intelligent, and they are viewed as being frightful beings. This movie depicts encounters that could potentially happen to the our world. The Darkest Hour shows how far people will go to save their selves and the planet.

In the beginning of the movie, People see an array of lights that seem to be falling from the sky. When given a close up look to investigate the falling lights, numerous people were disintegrated. The aliens killed thousand of people who were in their way. A group of people have to lace their boot straps up in order to defend themselves against the alien attacks. A lot of blood shed is all around, but that can't stop the group in getting the job done.

The group members find out why the aliens are here and how to stop them. The group must come up with an ingenious plan to try to conquer the evil alien species They must find and make weapons that can penetrate and kill the aliens on impact. Along the way, their group starts getting smaller and smaller, due to the aliens finding and vaporizing them. In the end, the remaining group finds out how to effectively kill the aliens once and for all. The survivors must get to the next town to try and find help and warn the world about the alien invasion. Once they make it, the survivors are relieved to know the whole world wasn't taken over by aliens. This movie has a lot of twists and turns, and keeps the viewers guessing. The Darkest Hour had mixed reviews among critics and viewers alike.

| 2011 | | 4.9/10 | 18/100
Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella, Rachael Taylor
Regency Enterprises

Also directed by Chris Gorak

Also starring Olivia Thirlby

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