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  • PG-13
  • 2002
  • 123 hr
  • 6.8  (2,839)
  • 72

The Lady and the Duke is a historical drama film set during the French Revolution, released in 2001. The film was directed by Éric Rohmer and starred Lucy Russell, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, and Alain Libolt. Based on the memoirs of Grace Elliott, the film tells the story of the aristocratic Scottish woman who lived in Paris during those tumultuous times.

The story begins in 1790, where Grace Elliott (Lucy Russell) is living in Paris during the heady days of the revolution. Despite being a Scottish aristocrat with royalist sympathies, Grace is drawn to the revolutionary movement and becomes friends with Philippe d'Orléans (Jean-Claude Dreyfus), the cousin of King Louis XVI. Philippe is a wealthy, sophisticated man who has deep connections to the revolutionary cause. Grace, however, is also drawn to the dashing Marquis de Lauzun (Alain Libolt), a royalist who has been imprisoned by the revolutionaries.

As the revolution rages on, Grace becomes caught up in the political and social upheaval that is tearing France apart. She is forced to choose sides, and her loyalty is put to the test when her actions are questioned by both her revolutionary friends and her royalist acquaintances. Despite the danger she faces, Grace remains true to her beliefs and continues to fight for what she thinks is right.

The Lady and the Duke is a visually stunning film that is shot using a unique technique known as "Rohmerizing". The film's director, Éric Rohmer, used this technique to create a dreamlike quality to the film that gives it a surreal feeling. The film also uses a mix of live-action footage and digitally created backgrounds to create a highly stylized look.

The performances in the film are excellent, with Lucy Russell giving a powerful performance as Grace Elliott. Russell's portrayal of Grace is nuanced and complex, capturing the aristocrat's struggles to navigate the revolutionary landscape with grace and intelligence. Jean-Claude Dreyfus also delivers a standout performance as Philippe d'Orléans, bringing a world-weary charm to the character that makes him captivating to watch. Alain Libolt is equally impressive as the dashing Marquis de Lauzun, infusing the character with a sense of danger and seduction that makes him a memorable presence on screen.

Overall, The Lady and the Duke is a beautiful and thought-provoking film that explores the complexities of the French Revolution. Éric Rohmer's direction is masterful, and the film's unique style and striking visuals make it a feast for the eyes. The performances are also top-notch, with Lucy Russell, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, and Alain Libolt all delivering powerful and captivating performances. The Lady and the Duke is an excellent film that is sure to captivate fans of historical drama and art house cinema.

The Lady and the Duke
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