The Last of the High Kings

"When school ends... and life begins."
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The Last Of The High Kings is a comedy/drama film that has a distinct coming of age feel to it. The story takes place in Dublin, Ireland right after the death of the famous rock n' roll legend, Elvis Presley. The main character, Frankie, has a feeling that he will flunk his final exams and goes to hilarious and extreme measures to make sure that he will survive his school year. Frankie also gets to know a visiting American girl played by actress Christina Ricci as they put together an epic and crazy summer party at a nearby beach.

| 1998 | | 6.3/10
Catherine O'Hara, Jared Leto, Christina Ricci, Gabriel Byrne
David Keating
Produced By
Gabriel Byrne, Paul Feldsher, Keith Northrop, Tim Palmer
The Last of the High Kings
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Also directed by David Keating