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"The story of a nobody who saved everybody."

The Lego Movie is a computer animation movie who's main character is a man who's name is Emmet and is mistook for being unordinary, and being special. He is thought to be the one who can save the Lego Universe, but there is a bad guy who is determined to destroy the Lego Universe. They want Emmet to stop the bad guy, who is named Lord Business because Lord Business is plotting to glue The Lego Universe together. If he glues it together everything will be stuck together, and destroyed. Emmet has to battle Lord Business, and try and stop him from gluing the Lego Universe together. Will Ferrell plays Lord Business, and Emmet is played by Chris Pratt.

| | 1 hr 41 min | 7.8/10
Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
The Lego Movie

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