The Love Bug

"Herbie's Back In A Brand-New Movie!"
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The loveable Volkswagen that everyone remembers from the 1960s is back in a remake of the original Love Bug movie starring Dean Jones. The movie also updates the 1969 movie with Bruce Campbell as Hank the mechanic who purchases and restores Herbie, the Love Bug. The movie introduces a new antagonist, the Horace, the Hate bug who is the polar opposite of Herbie. Horace destroys Herbie after Hank leaves him.

When Hank finds out, he holds a funeral for Herbie. He is restored again but has to face Horace in a one on one race.

1997 | 1 hr 28 min | 5.2/10
Bruce Campbell, John Hannah, Alexandra Wentworth, Kevin J. O'Connor
Peyton Reed
The Love Bug
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