Amnesia (2008)

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Are you willing to reveal personal information about yourself for money? Then you well could have been a potential contestant on this game show. Amne$ia aired on NBC, and was part of an evening game show line up created by producer Mark Burnett. Its host was comedian Dennis Miller. The game's premise had players going into a sound proof booth while individuals known to them described an event to Miller. The contestant was then released from the booth, and tried to recall event specifics for prize money. There were multiple rounds of the game players could advance to, with escalating amounts of prize money, as well. Occasionally, stunts were substituted for recall questions.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 19, 2011
Game Show
Cast: John Hannah, Jemma Redgrave, Anthony Calf, Patrick Malahide

Amnesia (2008) Full Episode Guide

  • Ukyo's evil persona has his sights set on killing our Heroine. Ukyo finally catches up with our Heroine at a bell tower, where she has gone to escape him. Time has run out for one of them...

  • Poor Heroine's days keep getting stranger and stranger... Ukyo's split personalities either want to help her or hurt her, and it could mean danger.

  • The Heroine makes it home; she opens her diary to read…

  • The Heroine makes it home; she opens her diary to read…

  • Heroine suddenly appears outside her apartment, and receives a text message from Kent, who says to meet up at the café. Heroine is confused by the conversation she has with Kent but plays along the best she can. Later at the café Kent figures out she has lost her memory.

  • Heroine doesn't know which Ikki's personality is real, and she meets a man that advises her watch her back.

  • Heroine is confused on why she was sent back in time. Orion appears before trying to explain but disappears before she is able to understand.

  • Shin has figured out that Heroine has lost her memory. He attempts to jog her memory by taking her to familiar places and talking about their relationship.

  • No one knows our heroine has lost her memories. Going about her daily routine, she suddenly remembers a conversation she had with Shin. The topic of conversation? Murder.

  • Orion tells Heroine to keep her memory lost a secret as she doesn't know who to trust. At the restaurant a firework, sparks part of her memory with some disturbing news.

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