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  • 1950
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The Mudlark is a British drama film from 1950, directed by Jean Negulesco and starring Irene Dunne, Alec Guinness, and Andrew Ray in lead roles. The movie is set in England in the year 1875, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The story follows a young boy named Wheeler (Andrew Ray), who lives under poverty, scavenging for his livelihood as a mudlark along the river Thames in London. One day, he finds a valuable pocket watch that belongs to the Queen Victoria (Irene Dunne) herself. Wheeler becomes intrigued by the Queen, and fascinated with the idea of meeting her in person.

With his limited education and resources, Wheeler devises a plan to sneak into Buckingham Palace to return the pocket watch to the Queen. On his way, he meets John Brown (Alec Guinness), a close advisor to the Queen who initially finds Wheeler's intentions amusing but eventually takes pity on the young boy's plight and helps him gain access to the palace.

Once inside, Wheeler comes face to face with Queen Victoria and sparks an unexpected connection with her through his innocent and genuine demeanor. The Queen, who is grieving for the late Prince Albert, finds solace in Wheeler's presence and decides to make him part of her inner circle, much to the dismay of the royal court.

The rest of the movie deals with the struggle for Wheeler to fit in with the aristocratic traditions of the palace, while the Queen tries to help him overcome his poverty and find a better life for himself. At the same time, a power struggle is brewing within the court, where the other advisors feel threatened by the Queen's newfound interest in the commoner.

Overall, The Mudlark is a heartwarming movie that explores the class divide between the rich and the poor in Victorian England. The film is also known for its poignant performances by the lead actors, especially Irene Dunne, who portrays Queen Victoria with a subtle mix of grace, grief, and compassion.

The cinematography of the movie deserves special mention, as it captures the gritty reality of the slums of London contrasted with the lavishness of Buckingham Palace, creating a visual narrative that complements the story perfectly.

The Mudlark has gone on to become a classic of British cinema, and it continues to be remembered for its memorable characters, engaging storyline, and its portrayal of one of the most iconic monarchs in history.

The Mudlark
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