The Sister-in-Law

"She Helped Her Husband Destroy His Brother By The Most Immoral Act Imaginable"
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The movie The Sister-in-Law deals with some unusual family situations and the ultimate betrayal. Robert is working as a singer/songwriter and has been traveling across the country trying to make it big. On his tour he decides to stop and see his brother named Edward and his wife Joanna. Joanna and Robert get to know each other really well. Joanna is bored with her life and her marriage. She and Robert have an affair.

Joanna and Edward have been getting into some trouble of their own. They have been running drugs for the local drug kingpin. They have been doing so to make money. Robert and his girlfriend Deborah try to get them out of this business. The couple tries to help but their good gesture may lead to their death. While dealing with this illegal activity the other secrets in the family start to come out.

This movie stars John Savage, Will MacMillian, and Anne Saxon.

| 1974 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.8/10
John Savage, Will MacMillan, Anne Saxon, Meridith Baer
Joseph Ruben
Produced By
Joseph Ruben, Jonathan Noah Krivine
The Sister-in-Law
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