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  • 1991
  • 6.1  (246)

The Tigers is a 1991 Hong Kong film directed by Tsui Hark, starring Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, and Felix Wong. It tells the story of three childhood friends who grow up together and become leaders of a gang called "The Tigers" in Hong Kong's criminal underworld. The movie begins with the trio - Sung (Andy Lau), Cheuk (Tony Leung) and Tino (Felix Wong) - as they plan a major heist in order to raise enough funds to leave behind their hard lives on the streets of Hong Kong. However, their plan goes awry when they are ambushed by the police and their getaway car crashes, resulting in Tino being arrested and sent to prison.

Years later, Sung and Cheuk have become successful businessmen while Tino has been released from prison and continued a life of crime. The three friends are reunited when Tino seeks their help in stopping a rival gang from taking over the criminal underworld. Together, they must fight off the rival gang and protect their territory, while dealing with betrayal and other personal issues that threaten to tear them apart.

At its core, The Tigers is a gritty crime drama that explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and the consequences of one's actions. The three friends are depicted as flawed characters with their own unique personalities, but their bond is unbreakable as they rely on each other to survive in a harsh world. The movie also features intense action sequences, including shootouts and car chases, that are typical of Hong Kong cinema from the 90s.

Andy Lau delivers a powerful performance as Sung, the leader of The Tigers who is torn between his responsibilities as a businessman and his loyalty to his friends. Tony Leung is equally impressive in his role as Cheuk, a hot-headed member of the gang who often acts impulsively. Felix Wong rounds out the trio with his portrayal of Tino, a troubled criminal who struggles to find his place in the world outside of prison. Supporting performances from actors such as Carrie Ng and Ellie Ngai help to flesh out the movie's world and add depth to its characters.

The Tigers is also notable for its depiction of Hong Kong's criminal underworld, which serves as a backdrop for the story. The movie portrays the city's criminal elements as ruthless and violent, with characters constantly vying for power and influence. However, the movie also shows how crime can affect both the perpetrators and their loved ones, with the characters often facing personal consequences for their actions.

Overall, The Tigers is an intense and engaging crime drama that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. Its exploration of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of one's actions make it a timeless classic in Hong Kong cinema.

The Tigers
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