Too Young to Die

"They were young, in love and wanted for murder."
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The movie Too Young to Die stars Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. It is based off of a true story. The movie is set in Oklahoma and is based on the story of Attina Marie Cannaday. Attina and her partner David Gray killed a man named Ronald Wojcik with a knife. The murder happened in June 1982. Attina was charged with several crimes. She was charged with robbery, kidnapping, and murder. The movie shows some of her life before the murder and during the trail. She was thirteen when she first got married and was divorced by the age of fourteen. After being convicted on all counts she was sentences to death. The movie goes to show that years later the sentence was changed to life in prison. It also showed an older version of Attina being released in 2008 after serving all that time behind bars.

The movie also shows a little bit about the life of David Gray. He was charged with murder, aggravated assault, and grand larceny. He was also convicted and sentenced to death. He also has his sentence converted to life in prison. When the movie was filming he was still in jail.

While this cast does contain some big name actors it also deals with social issues. The issues of the death penalty was discussed in this movie. It was also mentioned that Attina was only sixteen years old when she was sentenced to death. There are some things in the movie that were changed for Hollywood. In real life it was a fifteen year boy that was on trial. In the movie the young girl was executed for her crimes and in real life the person responsible was able to get out many years later. Many people felt strongly about this movie based on real facts due to the death penalty and someone really did lose their life in the story.

| 1990 | 1 hr 32 min
Michael Tucker, Juliette Lewis, Brad Pitt, Alan Fudge
Robert Markowitz
Produced By
Susan Weber-Gold, Julie Anne Weitz
Too Young to Die
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Also starring Michael Tucker