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Pete and Andy are a pair of con men on hard times. They've been stuck in a Chicago boarding house with a landlady that constantly asks for their late rent. After trying to scam someone he thinks is a business tycoon, Pete swipes a suitcase loaded with cash. It turns out that that money was intended for a pair of Irish mobsters as payment for an execution, complete with the key to an upscale hotel room.

While living it up at the hotel, Pete and Andy casually bump into Terry and Tommy, the money-seeking Irish hitmen. There, the con men try to convince a local Mafioso, Franco D'Amico, that they're actually the hitmen he paid to kill rival boss Ben Cutler. Right when Cutler is hunting down his money, Irishman Terry falls for Cutler's daughter; unaware that her dad is the man that he's been well paid to snuff out.

Triggermen is a heist comedy from 2002. It has a total running time of 96 minutes and is distributed by Franchise Pictures. The film's title was changed in Romania and Brazil. In these countries, the film's title is translated as "Who Pulls the Trigger?" and "Running Back of Love," respectively.

| 2002 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.9/10
Bill MacDonald, James Collins, Pete Postlethwaite, Neil Morrissey
John Bradshaw
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