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  • 1955
  • 1 hr 42 min
  • 6.4  (1,150)

White Feather is a western film that was released in 1955. It was directed by Robert D. Webb and stars Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, and John Lund. The movie tells the story of the battle between the American army and the Cheyenne tribe. It follows the journey of three men who are appointed by the army to convince the Cheyenne tribe to move to a reservation.

The plot of the movie takes place in the late 1800s, when the American army is trying to force the Cheyenne tribe off their land and into a reservation. The Cheyenne tribe is led by Chief Little Dog, who is a fierce warrior and refuses to be dictated by the American army. The army decides to appoint three men to convince the Cheyenne tribe to move to the reservation. The three men are Tod, an ex-soldier who is now a gambler, Josh, a former army captain, and Little Dog's own son, Little Wolf.

The three men are sent to the Cheyenne tribe to deliver a message of peace and convince them to move to the reservation. The Cheyenne tribe is initially skeptical of the men and their motives, but Little Wolf convinces his father to give them a chance. The men begin to build a relationship with the Cheyenne tribe and start to understand their way of life. However, the American army is still determined to force the Cheyenne off their land and are willing to use violence to achieve their goal.

As the tension between the Cheyenne tribe and the American army escalates, Tod, Josh, and Little Wolf find themselves caught in the middle. They must decide where their loyalties lie and which side they will fight for. The movie culminates in a thrilling battle between the Cheyenne tribe and the American army, where the fate of both sides hangs in the balance.

One of the strengths of White Feather is its excellent cast. Robert Wagner delivers a compelling performance as Tod, the gambler turned soldier. He brings charm and wit to the role and is an engaging protagonist. Jeffrey Hunter is equally impressive as Josh, the former army captain. His character is more serious and reserved than Tod, but Hunter brings depth and emotional weight to the role. John Lund also gives a strong performance as Little Wolf, the Cheyenne warrior caught between his loyalty to his people and his love for Tod.

Another strength of the movie is its authentic portrayal of the Cheyenne tribe. The movie is respectful of their traditions and way of life and does not fall into the trap of portraying them as one-dimensional stereotypes. Instead, the Cheyenne are shown as complex characters with their own motivations and struggles.

In terms of its visuals, White Feather is a stunning movie. The landscapes of the American West are captured beautifully, and the movie has a grand scale that is fitting for its subject matter. The battle scenes are particularly impressive, with realistic choreography and impressive stunts.

Overall, White Feather is a well-made western that tells an engaging and thrilling story. Its impressive cast and visuals make it a standout movie in the genre. While it deals with weighty themes like colonialism and the clash of cultures, it never loses sight of its characters and their personal journeys. Fans of westerns will find much to enjoy in this movie.

White Feather
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