White Mane

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Camargue is a small ranch town in the south of France. It is a place where men attempt to capture horses, sometimes successful, and sometimes leaving with great disappointment. A young boy decides to visit the amazing area that is full of beautiful landscapes and horses, and that is when he sees something spectacular. It is a white horse of great stature and the boy becomes enchanted with it. The wild animal gallops off, melting into the wooded area so the boy leaves. He later decides to return in hopes that he will see the horse again and possibly capture it. It is anybody’s guess as to whether he will be successful, but he has to try.

| 1953 | 41 min | 7.4/10
Alain Emery, Laurent Roche, Clan-Clan, Pascal Lamorisse
Albert Lamorisse
White Mane
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