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Based on cartoon characters created by Charles Addams for "The New Yorker" magazine, this series introduces us to "The Addams Family," with father Gomez, mother Morticia, their children Pugsley and Wednesday, and an extended macabre family that includes zany Uncle Fester, witchy Grandmama, hairy Cousin It, their creepy butler Lurch, and a disembodied hand named "Thing."

Addams Family is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (64 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1964.

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2 Seasons, 64 Episodes
September 18, 1964
Cast: Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy
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Addams Family Full Episode Guide

  • When Ophelia laments that she has been jilted, Morticia suggests a career as an alternative to marriage.

  • Lurch suffers from unrequited love over Tiny Trivia, Morticia's visiting school chum who only has eyes for show business.

  • When Uncle Fester incinerates the family's stuffed bear with his flamethrower, Morticia reports the accident to the insurance company.

  • Morticia's concern that Lurch is overworked leads Gomez to the operating table to assemble a custom-built secondary butler.

  • A doctor is summoned to examine Kitty Kat, the ailing lion pet of the Addams Family. Morticia soon decides that it is the cringing doctor who needs help.

  • The head of a private school where Wednesday and Pugsley are enrolled breaks under the strain of dealing with the Addams children.

  • Ophelia taunts Uncle Fester into announcing that he is going to join the Peace Corps. Fester decides he's a cinch to be accepted, because Gomez plans to pull strings in Washington on his behalf.

  • Grandma Frump comes to the mistaken conclusion that Morticia and Gomez plan to pack her off to an old folks home.

  • Pugsley shocks his parents when he gives up his new atomic reactor as kid stuff and announces that he wants to find his own job.

  • To sell the neighboring Addams Family an insurance policy, Joe Digby allows Morticia to redecorate his home.

  • Ophelia Frump is madly in love with Horatio Bartholomew; however, Morticia is convinced that her sister is in the hands of a lonely hearts Bluebeard.

  • Because she thinks Fester and Grandmama are spoiling the children, Morticia hires a governess to watch them.

  • Morticia and Gomez find Grandfather Pegleg's treasure map and summon Captain Grimby in order to charter his boat for a treasure hunt.

  • Morticia and Gomez see Fester conferring with TV muscleman Jack LaGrann, and think that Fester is planning a television career.

  • Morticia's pet plant Cleopatra gobbles up her favorite photo of Gomez from the family album.

  • When Wednesday's and Pugsley's faith in Santa Claus is shaken, Uncle Fester is chosen to back up Santa in case the real St. Nick is too busy to come.

  • There is a neighborhood burglar on the loose, and Morticia has reason to believe it could be Gomez.

  • Gomez plays host to Don Xavier Molines, a family friend during his childhood in Spain, and his daughter Consuella.

  • Fester is so smitten upon receipt of a photo of his love--a bearded carnival lady--that he borrows stamp money to mail her a proposal.

  • Prompted by Morticia's invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Courtney visit the Addams house for tea, hoping to meet a number of the social set.

  • Determined to correct the dreadful dragon-slaying type literature that Wednesday and Pugsley are exposed to, Morticia sets out to create a new literary world for children.

  • Morticia and Gomez visit Mayor Henson to complain that their property tax is ridiculously low. After the Mayor proves his incompetence by offering a refund, Gomez is persuaded to become a candidate for the office.

  • Wednesday and Pugsley return in tears from trick-or-treating because a neighbor has told them there is no such thing as a witch.

  • Young Pugsley copies one of his dad's old love letters and sends it to his teacher, Isobel Dunbar. Miss Dunbar comes to visit the Addams home and confesses to Gomez that no man has ever fallen so in love with her.

  • Gomez decides to bolster Cousin Itt's failing ego by making him the star of a production aimed as a birthday surprise for Wednesday.

  • Romance seems close at hand for Thing, the Addams right-hand-in-a-box, when Gomez's aunt, Princess Millicent, arrives for a visit accompanied by Lady Fingers, her handmaiden.

  • In need of artistic fulfillment, Morticia takes up sculpting and Gomez gets Sam Picasso, a seedy art dealer, to buy it.

  • Wednesday and Pugsley refuse to go to bed until they hear the rest of the courtship story. Morticia resumes the tale via flashback.

  • While Morticia and Gomez are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, Morticia tells Wednesday and Pugsley a bedtime story of how she and Gomez first met.

  • A pronouncement that the only happily married couples are those who fight, gives members of the Addams household ideas about Gomez and Morticia.

  • A recording company's platter of Lurch's gravelly voice brings a screaming mob of teenage fans to the Addams house.

  • Morticia and Gomez are worried about Cousin Itt because he spends his days sleeping and dreaming in his tiny room.

  • Uncle Fester's Midwestern pen pal, Madelyn, is coming to visit. Fester panics, as he has described himself as handsome, heroic and romantic.

  • Morticia's favorite charity is having an auction; so Morticia persuades her family to part with things to sell.

  • An organ grinder's fugitive monkey leads Fester to believe that he has turned Pugsley into a monkey and Fester convinces the rest of the family of it.

  • While enjoying a moonlight picnic, the Addams Family is mistaken for Martians by investigators from Mysterious Space Objects Headquarters.

  • When Morticia hears the stock market has crashed, she assumes that Gomez has been financially wiped out and rallies the family to help make money.

  • Lurch becomes inconsolable when Gomez donates the family harpsichord to a collector. Gomez and Fester decide to build a new harpsichord.

  • Uncle Fester applies for a job as an insurance salesman with the same company which is threatening to cancel the Addamses' policy.

  • Thing disappears from his box. Failing to find a single trace of Thing, Gomez conducts an investigation.

  • Gomez loses his memory after hitting his head. The Addamses take turns hitting Gomez on the head trying to help him regain his memory.

  • Grandmama is hauled off to jail for setting up a fortune-telling booth in the Addamses' living room. Gomez acts as her attorney.

  • Gomez uses his influence to promote Cousin Itt for a job as curator of the local zoo...but the zookeepers think Itt should be on display.

  • The family would like to vacation on the moon, but the billion dollar travel cost is slightly prohibitive.

  • Uncle Fester's electrical output fails abruptly. His relatives don't know whether to call a doctor or an electrician to bring Fester back to full wattage.

  • Lurch's tiny fire-eating mother visits and demands that Lurch's employers wait on her boy hand-and-foot.

  • The postman is hired by the government to do undercover work in the Addams house. He investigates rumors that coded radio messages are being sent from the house.

  • Grandmama's paintings leave an art critic speechless, so Gomez sends for his friend, Sam Picasso, to teach Grandmama to paint in the abstract.

  • A beatnik crashes his motorbike into a tree and recuperates at the Addams house. Each regards the other as an oddity.

  • Lurch takes dancing lessons at Gomez and Morticia's suggestion, after he admits to being a wallflower.

  • Official visitors from an unfriendly nation receive the shock of their lives when they decide to exploit the Addams Family as an average uncultured American family.

  • The family faces a crisis when Wednesday packs her spider and runs away (after being scolded for playing with Uncle Fester's TNT instead of her own).

  • When Lionel Barker, a former suitor of Morticia's, shows up, Gomez is jealous. But he's soon calmed when he learns that Barker is after Mildred, the new maid.

  • Morticia's cousin, Melancholia, wants to marry Clarence P. Harvey after most of her marital prospects have joined the Foreign Legion.

  • A pair of bank robbers are welcomed as Halloween trick-or-treaters by the Addamses and the creepy atmosphere makes them abandon their plans.

  • A pair of newlyweds leases the house next door to the Addams Family. But the honeymoon loses its tranquility when Uncle Fester enters their house through a tunnel.

  • Election fever grips the Addams household, as Gomez supports the council candidate whose campaign promise is to drain the town's disgusting bogs. Morticia, who likes "the lovely bogs," labels the candidate an extremist.

  • Pugsley and Wednesday start a row at a birthday party when their gift upsets Harold, the birthday boy. Harold's parents decide that the Addams children lack breeding and forbid them playing together.

  • Uncle Fester convinces Gomez and Morticia that it is time for him to find a mate. Fester conducts his search by putting an ad in a news-paper.

  • Gorgo, an escaped circus gorilla, is accepted as one of the family which shocks the Ladies League members Morticia's invited to tea.

  • Pugsley abandons his pet octopus for a puppy and, distraught, Morticia seeks the counsel of a psychiatrist.

  • Morticia decides to keep the children home from school after she sees the fairy tales they have to read. When the truant officer comes to investigate, he is shocked at what he finds.