Annie Oakley: Fan Favorites

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This collection of ten episodes from the first season of the popular CBS western Annie Oakley originally aired in 1954. The television show centered around female gun slinger Annie Oakley (played by Gail Davies), a sharp shooter who, with her younger brother Tagg Oakley (Jimmy Hawkins) seeks to keep the fictional small town of Diablo a safe, crime free place for local residents. Annie's romantic interest and best friend is Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig (Brad Johnson). Guest appearances during the first season included characters played by Clayton Moore, Alan Hale, Jr., Fess Parker, Denver Pyle, Nancy Hale and Virginia Lee.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 10, 1954
Classic, Drama
Annie Oakley: Fan Favorites

Annie Oakley: Fan Favorites Full Episode Guide

  • The you know what hits the fan when Tagg is named as temporary sheriff of Diablo.

  • Annie and Lofty stage a charity prizefight to raise money for Diablo's new school but robbers target the box office receipts.

  • An old Irish dowser discovers a vein of gold with a hazel twig. Actor Slim Pickens plays a bad guy.

  • Annie, Tagg and Lofty convince a practical joker that sometimes jokes backfire. With Robert Easton.

  • Lofty refuses to face a gunfighter who once saved his life.

  • A Dutch immigrant claims to have invented a new type of rifle and he wants Annie to test it.

  • Annie must deal with an impostor who's been posing as her.

  • Annie and her sidekicks get on the trial of a land-grabbing scheme after the discovery of poisoned water holes on rangeland set aside for wild animals.

  • Outlaws think Annie knows the location of an old prospector's riches.

  • Marked bullets help Annie and Lofty solve a bank robbery in which a murder occurred. Guest starring Daryl Hickman and Clayton Moore.