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This travel series is firmly aimed at children who both present and enjoy watching the show, which sends a pair of siblings on an adventure to a far flung location in each episode. Each journey is unscripted and sees the children entering different tourists and historic attractions to educate the viewer on the background and use of the attraction.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
August 25, 2007
Children, Family
Cast: Julian Elia, Rosie Elia, Molly Raymond, Sam Raymond
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Are We There Yet? World Adventure Full Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: One day in Bangkok Molly and Sam ring bells for good luck at a temple, have fun painting umbrellas and feed some jumpy fish on a river boat adventure. Episode 2: Sam and Molly have a soaking good time celebrating Songkran, the Thai New Year. They give food to monks, release animals in a traditional good luck offering and explore ancient ruins on an elephant. Episode 3: Molly and Sam take a bamboo raft up the river to visit a secluded temple where monks raise orphaned tigers. Then they go swimming and see millions of flapping bats.

  • Episode 1: Rosie and Julian journey to one of the wonders of the world - the Taj Mahal! Along the way they go for a camel ride and explore an exciting Indian marketplace. Episode 2: Rosie and Julian explore Corbett National Park and have the ride of their lives on an elephant. They see lots of animals - tigers, monkeys and wild boars, oh my! Episode 3: Julian and Rosie take a long flight to India where they visit the Lotus Blossom Temple (in their socks) then cover each other in colour and do a dance for the festival of Holi.

  • Episode 1: At an animal rescue centre in Costa Rica, Sam and Molly meet Benjamin the kinkajou,search for caimans, cuddle with a baby howler monkey, then set free rescued birds. Episode 2: Molly and Sam have a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit to prepare them for an exciting day of zip-lining through the rainforest canopy (they meet a sloth too, who doesn't zip at all). Episode 3: Sam and Molly find wet ways to stay cool in Costa Rica with a cannonball contest at the pool and then thrills (but no spills) whitewater rafting on fast moving rapids.

  • Episode 1: Rosie and Julian learn about llamas as they feed, ride and spin thread from the wool of their shaggy new friends. Episode 2: At a traditional festival in Peru, Rosie and Julian join in all the fun as they make their own masks, show off their dance moves, see a parade and finish the night with fireworks. Episode 3: Rosie and Julian take a plane, a bus, a train and then climb a mountain to find a bird'seye view of the lost city of Machu Picchu.

  • Episode 1: On a Kenyan safari, Julian and Rosie climb into a big Jeep and go to a giant park to see endangered black rhinos. They feed a baby, then meet some teen and adult rhinos. Episode 2: Rosie and Julian visit a Samburu village where they find out what it's like to sleep in a mud hut, learn the tribal art of beading and dance a traditional tribal dance. Episode 3: Rosie and Julian raise the flag at a 1-room UNICEF school in Kenya. They play outside with the other kids and then head indoors to go to art class and give out gifts. Episode 4: Rosie and Julian go to an elephant rescue centre in Kenya where they play with a team of soccer-playing baby elephants who are waiting to be released back into the wild. Episode 5: Rosie and Julian visit a giraffe centre where they feed the tallest animals on earth. They even climb a tower to see eye-to-eye with their spotty, long-necked new friends.

  • Episode 1: Julian and Rosie go sightseeing in New York City. They tour the United Nations, take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and enjoy pizza at Lombardi's, America's first pizzeria. Episode 2: Julian and Rosie go panning for gold in Montana, where they drive a steam train, ride a horse drawn stagecoach and have a showdown in a spooky ghost town. Episode 3: In the giant city of New York, Rosie and Julian see gigantic dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and have great time skating in Central Park.

  • Episode 1: Julian and Rosie take a cable car to the top of Germany's highest mountain where they learn to ski, meet a friendly dog and taste delicious apple strudel. Episode 2: On a visit to Munich, Rosie and Julian try candied apples at a Christmas market, where they find out what a glockenspiel is and sample some traditional German food. Episode 3: Julian and Rosie take a magical journey in a horse drawn carriage as they travel past fairytale castles. They end the day by building and eating their own gingerbread house.

  • Episode 1: Molly and Sam explore the streets of Kiev where they ride a cable-driven funicular railway, go to an artists' market and craft traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Episode 2: When Molly and Sam visit Kiev they dress up in colorful costumes for traditional dancing and later put on their very own puppet show.

  • Episode 1: Sam and Molly celebrate Halloween in Montreal by exploring a scary bat-cave, carving crazy pumpkins and dressing up to go trick-or-treating. Episode 2: In snowy northern Manitoba, Molly and Sam go for a fun, bumpy ride in a giant tundra buggy and come face to face with a curious polar bear! Episode 3: Molly and Sam have a snowy adventure in Manitoba when they go dog-sledding! They meet husky puppies, learn to drive a team of dogs and enjoy a tasty snack of bannock. Episode 4: Molly and Sam fly to Algonquin Park on a seaplane! Then they visit an animal rescue centre to meet baby raccoons, play with a newborn beaver and free The Three Bears. Episode 5: Molly and Sam celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa. There, they meet a Mountie and her horse, learn how to build a teepee, watch an air show and see some fireworks.

  • Episode 1: Julian and Rosie travel back in time when they dress-up for a Medieval Fair at a castle in France. They see jugglers, try jousting, make candles and learn about the olden days. Episode 2: As they explore a park in Paris, Rosie and Julian have fun playing petanque, feeding the goats and watching a famous French puppet show. C'est bon! Episode 3: Julian and Rosie go sightseeing in Paris where they sketch with a French artist, taste crepes for the first time and finish their adventure atop the Eiffel Tower.

  • Episode 1: Rosie and Julian solve some tricky mysteries in London, where they discover doubledecker buses, find out what makes Big Ben tick and ride the London Eye. Episode 2: Rosie and Julian get happily lost in an English garden when they meet a maze expert who shows them the ins and outs of mazes made of wood, hedges and even water!

  • Episode 1: Sam and Molly discover an ancient Maya pyramid at Chichen Itza and witness an exciting match of the ancient sport, poc tu poc. Episode 2: It's a jam-packed day in a small Mexican town as Molly and Sam meet local musicians, learn how to finger paint, taste tamales and break open a pinata. Episode 3: It's a sunny, hot day in Mexico as Molly and Sam feed a baby manatee, meet sun-loving lizards and go wimming with singing, dancing, clapping dolphins.

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