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Prolific comic book writer and penciller Larry Hama chats with us in his TriBeCa loft. Some of the amazing things that exist because of Larry are: The modern G.I. Joe character universe as we know it, the military file dossiers on the G.I. Joe action figure packaging, countless storylines in the X-Men comic book universe (including Fatal Attractions), D.C. Comics' C.O.P.S. comic series.

NYEH Entertainment
1 Season, 50 Episodes
December 31, 2015
Cast: Phill Jupitus, John Cleese, Rob Rouse, Hugh Dennis
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Batteries Not Included Full Episode Guide

  • David answers the question every Batteries interviewee is asked - what does Nostalgia mean to him?

  • David assures that they were never worried about their next game idea at Activision and plays a little Freeway.

  • David has it brought to his attention that he inadvertently created the first in-game video game tutorial as he plays Pitfall.

  • David explains some of the problem solving that had to go on in the early days of Activision to ensure Atari didn't thwart their plans, and a game porting case study conducted with Pitfall II.

  • David breaks down the innovative, game-changing collaborative design environment they created at Activision.

  • David lays out the how and why of leaving Atari, and forming the first third party developer for the 2600, Activision.

  • David gets into his long-shelved and recently-unearthed Atari 2600 rendition of Boggle, and the most important thing he learned from Nolan Bushnell while at Atari.

  • David recounts the rigorous hiring process he endured in landing a job at Atari, and talks about the first title he programmed there - Outlaw.

  • David lays out his childhood inventing ways, and what lured him to video game design.

  • Dan answers the question every Batteries interviewee is asked - what does Nostalgia mean to him?

  • Dan talks about some of the games that never made out of the Activision development lab. Yet.

  • Dan rehashes his days working on titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and how their monopolistic policies resurrected the game industry.

  • Dan explains what it was like transforming licensed properties into video games, and ponders the evolution of gaming's focus from fantasy into replicating reality.

  • The Kitchen brothers take us through the great video game crash.

  • Dan shares anecdotes from his time at Activision.

  • Dan takes us through the porting of Ghostbusters from the Commodore 64 to the Atari 2600 and NES before actually playing the game he created on camera.

  • Dan and Garry Kitchen recount their interview at Activision with David Crane and Al Miller, and beating the sensei in his own dojo.

  • Dan talks about how the Atari 2600 first came onto he and his brother's radar, and how that led to meeting the Activision gang.

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