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  • 1969
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Beat:Repeat NYC is an electrifying music series on Red Bull TV that explores the intersection of electronic music, technology, and the bustling city of New York. Hosted by Nick Hook, a producer, DJ, and musician who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, the show takes viewers on a journey through the vibrant underground music scene in the city.

Throughout the series, Nick meets with a variety of musicians, producers, DJs, and other creatives who are pushing the boundaries of electronic music. From established artists to up-and-coming talent, the show features a diverse lineup of guests who share their insights, experiences, and creative processes.

One of the most unique aspects of Beat:Repeat NYC is how it showcases the role technology plays in the creation and performance of electronic music. Each episode features in-depth discussions on various topics, such as the use of hardware vs. software, the evolution of music software, and the impact of technology on the live music experience. Nick also gets hands-on with some of the latest music gear and software, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how electronic music is made and performed.

But Beat:Repeat NYC isn't just about the technical side of things. The show is also a celebration of the diverse community that makes up the electronic music scene in New York. Nick takes viewers to underground clubs, record stores, and other music venues where they meet the people who are driving the scene forward. Through intimate interviews and candid conversations, viewers get a sense of the passion and creativity that drives these artists.

In addition to the interviews and discussions, Beat:Repeat NYC also features live performances by some of the most exciting electronic musicians in the industry. From intimate sets in underground clubs to large-scale events, the show captures the energy and excitement of live electronic music in New York. Whether you're a longtime fan of the genre or new to electronic music, the performances are sure to get you moving.

Overall, Beat:Repeat NYC is a must-watch for anyone interested in electronic music, technology, and the creative community in New York. With its unique blend of interviews, discussions, and live performances, the show offers a comprehensive look at the cutting-edge of the electronic music scene. Nick Hook is the perfect host, bringing his passion for music and wealth of experience to each episode. So whether you're a musician, producer, DJ, or just a fan of electronic music, be sure to check out Beat:Repeat NYC on Red Bull TV.

beat:repeat NYC
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Heart of Glass
8. Heart of Glass
July 7, 2014
Blondie guitarist and man about downtown NYC, Chris Stein, reminisces about turning an old song into a pop music touchstone thanks to a little help from the just-released Roland CR-78 drum machine.
Boogie Down Bronx
7. Boogie Down Bronx
June 30, 2014
Man Parrish was one of early hip hop and electro's most eccentric characters.The song that got him started, "Boogie Down Bronx," was created in one wild weekend at Man's apartment on 14th & 9th in Manhattan.
6. Deceptacon
June 23, 2014
Many use the drum machine because it sounds like the future, the utopian promise of technology. Le Tigre used it because it sounded cheap. In this episode, Johanna Fateman talks about the liberating quality that came from the not-so-future-perfect presets of the Alesis HR-16B and shows the hand-drawn notes that provided the basis for a dance punk classic.
Looking for the Perfect Beat
5. Looking for the Perfect Beat
June 16, 2014
Afrika Bambaata and the Soulsonic Force's Looking For The Perfect Beat was a warning shot to those who thought they had the producers of Planet Rock pegged. The track re-imagined what was possible, a sample-ready symphony that has spawned a thousand styles.
I Am The Law
4. I Am The Law
June 9, 2014
In 1986, Anthrax unleashed the thrash metal monster "I Am The Law." In this episode, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante meets with Ninja Tune producer Lee Bannon to transform the track from its core: The beat.
Juicy Fruit
3. Juicy Fruit
June 2, 2014
Mtume was one of the most colorful funk and soul groups to emerge in the early 80s. Their classic tune "Juicy Fruit" has been sampled often, most notably in Notorious BIG's "Juicy". In this episode, Mtume talks about the tune and Evil Dee provides some new samples.
Frankie Teardrop
2. Frankie Teardrop
May 26, 2014
In this episode, Martin Rev meets Xeno and Oaklander to talk about Suicide's track "Frankie Teardrop." Four decades prior, Alan Vega & Martin Rev used a cheap drum machine, fevered screams and a murder to create this classic.
Don't Make Me Wait
1. Don't Make Me Wait
By the late '70s, disco had become too big for its bell-bottoms. In 1981, the legendary New York club gave birth to its' first band, Peech Boys. A year later, they scored their first hit with the LinnDrum-enhanced, gospel-tinged "Don't Make Me Wait." In this episode, we go to Albany to visit Michael de Benedictus of Peech Boys, where he talks about creating music with Larry Levan.