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Bess of Both Worlds is a television show about two families. The two families live separate lives, but are brought together because of one character. The series is a scripted television series. The central theme of the series is you cannot choose your family members.Bess of Both Worlds is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on August 15, 2013.

Bess of Both Worlds is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bess of Both Worlds on demand atHulu online.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
August 15, 2013
Cast: Annie Maynard, Patrick Brammall, Robyn Malcolm, Michala Banas
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Bess of Both Worlds Full Episode Guide

  • Exhausted by Margaret and Julie fighting over her, Bess decides to spend Christmas in New York with Danny and the kids. Julie faces her first Christmas without Amber and Brianna, both travelling to their partners' families.

  • When Edwina's rowing scull is woefully under-prepared for the inter-school regatta, she begs Brianna to step in as coach. To cheer them on, the Wheelers join Bess up at the Murray River replete with jet skis and giant tires.

  • Bess vies for a position on the Board of the International Women of Medicine by attending a charity Mothers' Day Luncheon. Danny, upset that his kids won't hang out with him, signs them all up for a charity bike ride.

  • Amber and Shawn settle into their new home but when Shawn announces he is dropping out of school, Amber despairs. She turns to Shawn's school Principal, Evan, for help, who delivers salvation in an unexpected manner.

  • Bess is alarmed to discover that Julie has a sister, despite Julie telling all the children that her sister was dead. Julie forbids the family from contacting her but Bess enlists Brianna, Amber and Margaret to help her investigate.

  • When a spots shop-owner spots Kayne's artwork on the side of the Wheeler truck, she commissions him to paint his designs on her expensive homewares store but, as Margaret is outraged to discover, has no plans to pay him.

  • Margaret and the Wheelers help the Brights move into a new family home, architecturally designed by Danny. The uber modern-verging-on-brutalist house leaves them all a bit bemused but Bess feels particularly uncomfortable in the cavernous concrete rooms.

  • After a TV news story about the Wheelers paints Julie as an old woman who is past her use by date, Julie decides she won't race anymore and, reasoning that she's the only driver, sells the dragster to help the family get out of debt.

  • After Edwina talks her father into letting Shawn do work experience with him, Danny feels embarrassed by the constant interruptions. He wishes he was more like the Wheelers who are hatching a plan to use a bunch of coupons at a buffet restaurant.

  • Wayne and Julie's 30th wedding anniversary is nearing and Wayne wants to buy Julie an expensive necklace, which means when he suddenly gets a terrible toothache, he can't afford the dentist.

  • Tired of the Wheelers thinking Bess is amazing because she is a doctor, Amber goes for a big promotion at the bank, but is devastated when she misses out because of a snooty interviewer on the panel.

  • The Wheelers still can't afford to run the dragster, much to the delight of their arch rival dragster team, the Amentas. When Shawn rescues his Pop from this embarrassment by offering to race in the Junior drags, everyone jumps at the opportunity.

  • Bess worries the Brights don't have any family bonding hobbies like the Wheelers do and, much to the horror of Danny and the children, sets about finding some.

  • After Oscar and Edwina's sex education night, Bess and Danny argue about their own sex life, which Danny feels has been interrupted ever since the Wheelers came along.

  • Bess continues to struggle with the adoption discovery, developing some erratic and misplaced trust and abandonment issues, thinking Danny is either lying to her or going to leave her.