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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, or ABC, is the dedicated national broadcasting station for Australia. The channel produces a variety of media, including tv, radio, mobile and online services in Australia and overseas. The quality of the programming is renowned as highly cultural and educational compared to what the private companies in broadcasting currently offer.

Even though the government of Australia officially owns the channel, ABC is able to choose its own content and programming schedule due to a 1983 act of legislature. ABC was one of the first media companies to embrace the digital age, launching their online services and cable packages in the early 2000's.

International offerings include Asia Pacific as well as channels in the United Kingdom. Broadcast programs include sports, news, business updates, health, home decorating television, and more. There are also numerous radio divisions - Radio Australia, DiG Radio, ABC Local Radio, and ABC Radio National - as well as other co-channels with partners in the radio industry. The channel is seen as a public treasure due to its offerings in radio dramas, educational programming, live news, and entertaining sports programs.

All of ABC's flagship programs are viewable online in a digital format. The channel's website offers numerous genres of television, radio, and even print materials. Viewers of the channel are granted free access to basic shows, however their are premium offerings available. In addition, the channel is largely supported through charitable donations and fundraising events that are put on monthly and yearly.

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