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  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 0.0  (12)

BET Presents: The Encore is a reality television show that premiered on June 9, 2021, starring Kiely Williams, a former member of the girl group the Cheetah Girls, Shamari DeVoe, a former member of the girl group Blaque, and Pamela Long, a former member of the group Total. The show features nine female singers who were successful in the music industry in the 1990s and early 2000s coming together for a chance to create a supergroup and create new music.

The premise of the show is to bring the singers together to collaborate to form a new group, and create new music that they will eventually perform. All nine women live in a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, for 30 days, during which they need to collaborate on writing and recording songs for a new album. As most of these women haven't performed in a group for many years, they also have to learn how to work together to create something that will not only impress the judges but also be commercially viable in the current music market.

The show is divided into two distinct parts: the first phase of the show focuses on the group's creative process, while the second phase focuses on the group's performance. The judges, including choreographer Aliyah Jay, vocal coach Coko Clemons, and rap artist and songwriter Kosine, are present throughout the show.

The creative phase of the show is where the nine former singers begin to build their group. They start by getting to know each other beyond their music careers, working on bonding and building trust. However, each of the nine women has her own vision of what the group should sound and look like, which leads to disagreements and conflicts.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the show is watching the different personalities collide and seeing how the women learn to work together despite their differences. As they collaborate on writing and recording songs, each of the women is tested in different ways, from their creative and musical skills to their ability to work as part of a team.

The second phase of the show is focused on the big finale, where the supergroup showcases its talent and new music. While the performance aspect of the show is high-stakes, with the women aiming to create a commercially viable album, it is also an opportunity for them to show what they've accomplished over the past 30 days. It's an emotional finale with plenty of twists, turns, and intense drama.

BET Presents: The Encore is a fascinating show that showcases the struggles that former music superstars face in trying to revive their careers. It's also an ode to the music of the 90s and early 2000s that many viewers grew up listening to. The show highlights the women's talent, but it also delves into their personal lives, giving viewers a glimpse into what it means to be a black woman in the music industry.

The show is not just about the music; it's also about the women's personal journey. While some members of the group succeeded in their previous music careers, others had difficult personal lives, and the show touches upon that too. For example, Kiely Williams opens up about her previous struggles in the music industry and how she was pigeonholed into a particular image, which affected her mental health.

Despite being a reality TV show, the music in BET Presents: The Encore is genuinely fantastic. The women are talented, and their voices blend beautifully together. Each member brings her unique sound, and their diversity is celebrated throughout the show. It's refreshing to see a group of female artists coming together to make music and celebrate their history.

Overall, BET Presents: The Encore is an entertaining and emotional journey that will leave viewers rooting for the women the whole way. It's a show that's not just about music but also a celebration of black women working together and supporting each other. Fans of the 90s and early 2000s R&B will appreciate the music, while others will enjoy the drama and personal stories behind the women.

BET Presents: The Encore is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on June 9, 2021.

BET Presents: The Encore
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The Encore
10. The Encore
August 11, 2021
The final performance has arrived and the Ladies work hard to ensure they are ready. Between wardrobe woes and an ever-changing group, the show must go on. Will this be the final encore or the beginning of a new supergroup?
Stack That
9. Stack That
August 5, 2021
As the group comes together to finalize their album, look and performance Kiely is still on the fence about if she will perform. With days until the final show the Ladies reach a make or break point on if they can actually pull it all off.
8. tbd
July 28, 2021
The pressure pushes some members to sing their last note. Kiely must decide if she will step up to the mic and join the group. A spa night helps the Ladies bond over past trauma while the tension between Felisha and Kosine threatens to derail it all.
7. tbd
July 21, 2021
With one less member, the Ladies must try to build a cohesive brand and look for their group. The 702 Sisters are at odds with the Cherish Twins about their place on the record. As their performance date nears, who will make the final curtain?
Demons & Division
6. Demons & Division
July 14, 2021
The women host a listening party for former bandmates and industry leaders to preview their album, but some feel their voices are not being heard; the ladies must face the truth about their past and one must decide if it's time.
Heavy Is the Head
5. Heavy Is the Head
July 7, 2021
Tensions rise in the music mansion as the ladies struggle to find one collective vision for the group; with an absent queen and no one to take control, alliances continue to be formed.
Questionable Queen
4. Questionable Queen
June 30, 2021
The women try and put their drama aside and come together to help Pamela record her gospel song, but Aubrey has a different plan; Kiely sets her sights on becoming Queen of the house.
Do The Record
3. Do The Record
June 23, 2021
As the women start work on their album, it's clear that not everyone shares the same vision or drive, creating a divide within the group.
Time to be a Queen
2. Time to be a Queen
June 16, 2021
After a rough start, the women vote for their first ever Queen of the House; Pamela's controversial comment places her in the hot seat during the Queen's Court.
Let the Music Play
1. Let the Music Play
June 9, 2021
After the group of nine learns they only have 30 days to form an R&B supergroup and cut a record, the ladies start assessing each other, and divisions appear when Aubrey forms a small clique.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 9, 2021
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    0.0  (12)