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American Gangster: Trap Queens is a new installment of the critically acclaimed American Gangster series that examines the lives and the legend behind some of America's most notorious female criminals. The series takes an unusual angle by presenting the true stories of the criminals from a positive point of view. The idea seems to reach for empowerment, suggesting that women can be just as successful at crime as men if they try hard enough.

In some cases, the stories are backed by the women themselves. They've done their time and now they're looking to go straight. Of course, they're doing so by trying to make money off their criminal histories.

The series is narrated by rapper Lil Kim. Kim has expressed admiration for some of the criminals profiled, especially the Detroit drug "queenpin" Brandi Davis. Kim suggests that she may have actually crossed paths with the real Brandi Davis. She also has expressed admiration for the fact that Davis built her drug empire through perseverance and a strong work ethic.

The second season of the series debuted on the BET cable network in January 2021.

This series shouldn't be confused with the 2007 crime thriller film starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott.

American Gangster: Trap Queens is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2019.

Where do I stream American Gangster: Trap Queens online? American Gangster: Trap Queens is available for streaming on BET, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Gangster: Trap Queens on demand at Apple TV+, BET+, Amazon Prime, Sling online.

2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
October 17, 2019
Cast: Cecil Elmore Jr., Dwayne Marion Johnson
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American Gangster: Trap Queens Full Episode Guide

  • Shauntay gains a rep as a sharp-shooting coke-dealing Queenpin on the streets of Kansas City. After a deadly confrontation, she was so feared on the streets they made her America's Most Wanted.

  • A tragic childhood and a twist of fate launches Tiffani's 17-year career of stealing millions in merchandise from malls all around Michigan. Before her fall, she was boosting millions from the mall.

  • Dwen led a double life where she would become a master identity thief, scamming millions from her victims while becoming the toast of Black Hollywood. She was flossing with celebs while fleecing trust funds.

  • A daddy's girl follows in her kingpin father's footsteps. Ties to the Black Mafia Family make Brandi a player, but a backstabbing friend causes her years of incarceration and pain. She was the dope gang princess until she claimed her crown as Queen.

  • Perrion gets caught up in the Alabama drug game. Public shootouts, cartel dealings and murder indictments follow in the wake of her rise to Queenpin. She was the original Queen of the South.

  • Track star Jemeker Thompson follows her husband into a life of crime, becoming an L.A. cocaine Queenpin living among the Hollywood stars.

  • Charmaine Roman lives a dangerous double-life: she's a doting mother and grandmother to her family, but a ruthless ring-leader to her Jamaican drug gang.

  • Jean Brown leaves the poverty of Jamaica to find fortune and infamy in America. She hustles her ex-husband out of his drug smuggling operation and builds it into an international weed empire.

  • When her boyfriend drains her savings and vanishes, young mother-of-two Ayana Bean uses her position at a college to appropriate financial aid checks meant for needy students.

  • Aisha Hall, the 'Female Wolf of Wall Street,' cooks up a multi-million-dollar finance scheme that lands her in hot water with the Feds.

  • Shauna Barry-Scott runs a crack-dealing operation, spending the profits on the poor. After a drug bust, President Obama could be her only chance at salvation.

  • Music promoter Rashia Wilson takes a Tampa tax fraud hustle to the absolute extreme and rips off the IRS for millions.

  • Thelma Wright marries into the Philly drug game, then tries to avoid her husband's fate when she runs her own west coast hustle.

  • Big Fifty, a product of the Detroit ghetto, runs every hustle imaginable to become one of the Motor City's most legendary Queenpins.

  • Known as "The Bank Fraud Queen", Jamila had rapper and athlete clients. She inflated credit scores, hiked up the value of houses and made bank flipping the houses. From 2002-03, Jamila bought eight properties worth over $29 million.