Big Break Academy

The television show Big Break Academy is an outstanding television show that teaches all the important how to lessons of golf, hosted by Michael Breed. This television series will consist of several, not so successful golfers, who are looking to learn how to plan golf and be successful at it.

In this television show, viewers will watch as the host of the show teaches each golfer the proper techniques associated with being good at golf. Then these golfers will be put to the test through a series of fun and challenging tests. These golfers are looking to out do the next golfer.

Tuesday 7:00 PM et/pt on Golf Channel
4 Seasons, 41 Episodes
May 15, 2012
Family, Sports, Talk & Interview
Big Break Academy

Big Break Academy Full Episode Guide

  • Mark Rypien gets tips on his iron game.

  • Improving fairway bunker shots, in-between wedge shots and trouble shots.

  • Improving consistency and quality of shots around the green.

  • Marc Bulger gets help with his ball striking and driver.

  • Members of Team Rice help with tips on the long-approach game.

  • Improving chip and pitch shots and smoothing out the backswing.

  • Former NFL kicker Al Del Greco learns about the driver and knockdown shots.

  • The Big Break champion and runner-up have their games evaluated. Also: tips on in-between shots and downwind approaches.

  • Driving improvement, divot examination, and knee positioning while hitting.

  • The most recent eliminated contestant helps with tips focused on the short game.

  • The latest eliminated contestant helps with tips on the backswing and knocking wedges close.

  • Michael Breed discusses aspects of the swing, including the take-away, the transition and impact.

  • Discussing the full swing and how to make consistent contact with irons.

  • Improving bunker play, pitching, chipping and putting.

  • Tips for improving the backswing, driver asccuracy, the grip and posture.

  • In the season opener, instructor Michael Breed joins the cast of "Big Break Mexico" for tips on driving consistency and short-iron play.

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